American Melody Carriages 

Nashville Area's Newest, Truest, Red White and Bluest Horse-Drawn Carriage Company!

Our Partners:  The Horses of American Melody Carriages

We are pleased to introduce our herd and offer your choice of horse for your carriage ride! 

Our horses receive regular veterinary care, including twice annual health certifications, annual vaccinations and Coggins testing. 

Because we maintain a barefoot herd, quality and consistent hoof care is extremely important. Our horses are on an every-5-week schedule with our farrier for hoof trimming and wear protective boots when working on paved streets. Read more about barefoot horses.

Our care regimen includes Triple Crown feeds, alfalfa pellets, free choice hay (available all day and night), free choice salt and minerals, and free choice pasture.

Patriotte is a 12 year old Shire mare. She carries the classic coloring the breed is known for. Shires originated in Britain, where they are loved for their easygoing temperament and their ability to pull tremendous loads. Today, there are only about 200 registered Shires in the United States, although many more are not officially registered or are crossed with other breeds.


Patriotte was featured as "Rudolph"  in December  2016 with Nashville Predator P.K. Subban as his partner in the Subban Sleigh.’ She has also participated in the Hendersonville Veteran’s Day Parade and the Nashville Christmas parade in addition to several weddings. She is a favorite of children for her loving personality and her beautiful long forelock. She works single and as a team, and has been the caparisoned, or ‘rider-less horse’ at military funerals.  Probably the most well-                                                                                                 known caparisoned horse was one called Black Jack who served for many funerals at Arlington                                                                                                 National cemetery, including the funeral of JFK.  Black Jack was buried with full military honors.

Freedom is a 14 year old Belgian-Quarter Horse cross who came to American Melody Carriages after pulling a cannon in Civil War re-enactments. She is lovingly referred to as the ‘freight train’ because she will go over, under, or through anything. She loves to work and thrives regardless of the setting. She has been driven as a team pulling an antique hearse, and single at many weddings and birthday parties.  She also makes a great lead-around horse for children, and has been a wonderful addition to styled photo shoots.

Princess Belle is a 25 year old Percheron mare. Percherons originated in France, where they were bred as war horses and later used to pull stagecoaches. Known for their serious work ethic, they are likely the most popular draft breed in the United States, used for working, forestry work, and crossing on light breeds such as thoroughbreds to create riding horses.

Belle has been used for a number of weddings and events, both single and as a team, and is currently semi-retired, but enjoys working weddings, funerals, and photo shoots by special requests.  She is also popular for our lead-around rides for both kids and adults, and has been known to appear as a rare unicorn sighting for special occasions!

Kaliga is the foundation of American Melody Carriages. A Belgian-Standardbred cross with a go-go-go attitude, he worked for another company in downtown Nashville for many years before Melody was able to officially purchase him. 

He has been the go-to horse for weddings and events, and was in both the Nashville and Donelson Christmas parades. He escorted the Virgin Mary in last year's Christmas production at Cornerstone Church in Madison. At 30 years old, this sweet old man doesn’t look, or act his age, but he is our resident retiree, only being hitched on occasion (by recommendation of our vet) so that he still feels useful.