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Meadowbrook Cart

Our elegant Meadowbrook cart is available for your wedding, event,

or driving lesson!  It is perfect for escorting the bride and can be decorated with your choice of colors! It would also look great carrying your banner and designated V.I.P. in the local parade.

Our Meadowbrook is also used for our on-site horse driving lessons, as well as horse meet and greets along with a short ride through the neighborhood, or around the property. We will fully customize these opportunities to tailor-meet your needs!

Stylish and unique!

The Meadowbrook is versatile and works great for many occasions!  Travel in style for your wedding or stroll through the parade.  The Meadowbrook is a natural wood color with maroon colored seats.  

The Perfect Vehicle For a Fun Day!

Looking for a safe place to learn the basics of driving horses?  Look no further!  Our horse-driving basics is a one-on-one opportunity for you to learn the parts of the harness and how to properly harness and groom the horse, hitch to the carriage, and the basics of working with the horse under harness.  Great for all ages!  We are also a fun place to bring the family for a joy-ride on the property or through the neighborhood.

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