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Come visit us!

We offer unique on-site experiences of all kinds, including hand-led horseback rides for kids and adults, on-site carriage, wagon, or Meadowbrook rides, and driving lessons for beginners.  We also offer appointments for meet and greets if you just want to pet and brush the horses.  Maybe you've heard of "cow cuddling" but we offer "horse hugging" at a much much lower rate!  Just a short visit is sure to be therapeutic and brighten any day.  Our base fee for visits is $30 for up to an hour.  Additional fees apply for on-site carriage or wagon rides, and for more than four visitors in a group.  Additional fees may also apply for other special requests.

We are also available for your Princess Party!

We know your little Princess is extra special, so we are here to make her Princess Party dreams come true.  We customize each experience, and have many options available.  We have flowers and ribbons galore, and a resident unicorn.  We can dress the horses (or unicorn) up or down, according to your preference.

We offer on-site hand-led horseback rides for kids and adults!

Horse Driving Lessons

We offer on-site horse driving basics, lessons for beginners by appointment.  We will teach you the parts and proper fit of the harness, how to harness and hitch up, and how to handle the horse and horse-drawn vehicle.  These can be a one day crash-course for those who are just curious about the process, or a weekend, or week-long experience for more in-depth learning and retention.  This is a one-on-one personalized experience catered to your preference.

Come experience the joy of working with these wonderful companions.  Our horses are highly trained experts, great for your first-time driving experience.

Learn the parts and proper fit of the harness as well as how to harness and hitch the horse.  Our Meadowbrook or wagon are both great beginner vehicles, and offer two different driving experiences.

On-Site Photo Shoots

We offer our horses and carriages or other horse-drawn vehicles by appointment as on-site photo-ops!  Looking for something unique for your fall or Christmas family photos?  This is also a fun way to commemorate your prom or graduation.  How about your engagement or anniversary photo session?  Our horses are safe, friendly and fun for your maternity, children's mile-marker birthday, or newborn baby photos, and we have additional props available for these types of sessions including carousel horses and western saddles.  Bring your photographer, or a friend to take pictures, and capture your moment in time with our beautiful horses and props.  We can also create perfectly adorable photo opportunities for your little princess with our enchanting unicorns, or your little cowboy with the wild west wagon or western saddles, and we will gladly bring our horses to your location of choice as well.  Remember, if you can dream it, we can do it, and your photographer can capture it.  The possibilities are endless!

Need a photo for your wedding invitations?

Book a photo shoot with us for a clever play on words with a photo on your invitations to "get hitched!"

Book your senior photo session with us, your family photo session for fall photos, Christmas photos, or any other moment you wish to capture or commemorate.  You bring the photographer, we'll supply the horses!

Bring your little cowboy for a western themed birthday photo shoot, or bring the whole family and capture a candid family moment.

Need a carriage for your video shoot, or stage set?  American Melody Carriages can provide!  Our horses are accustomed to all environments, are used to the spotlight, and to crowds.  Looking for a unique photo opportunity for your Christmas cards, or wedding invitations?  We can decorate our horses or carriages to suit any photo or video shoot, whatever the occasion.

Patriotte dressed up in her Derby-Day best to provide a fun photo-op at a Derby themed party.  What a fun surprise for the red-carpet guests.

We can provide our beautiful horses for your glamourous photos, music videos, or promotional photo shoots of all kinds, and we can dress them up, or down, any way you choose.

Here are just a few examples of what your photos can look like with our horses.  Remember, the possibilities are endless!!  We can also bring our horses to your location of choice.

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