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Horse-drawn Carriages and Vehicles

Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride with peace of mind. All of our horse-drawn vehicles are maintained with quality and safety standards for passenger and equine comfort. Our carriages are inspected regularly, and routine maintenance is performed by a professional carriage maker. 

Carriages are equipped with hydraulic brakes, battery-powered lights, and slow-moving vehicle safety triangles. Our vis-a-vis carriages are built to be lightweight and maneuverable. Additional photos of each vehicle can be found by following the links below.

When booking your event, you may select your choice of carriage or multiple carriages, best suited to your event.

** A flower-and-drape Cinderella topper can be added to any of our carriages for a $250 fee. We will gladly use your choice of colors. 

Elegant and unique, this carriage is a favorite for weddings and events. This carriage is a great "princess" carriage because of the special additions such as the wheel accents and the painted floral accents that make it so unique and fancy. This carriage has a custom matching harness for the horses to go with it, but if you prefer the black harness on the horse instead, we fully customize everything according to your preference! 

This adorable carriage is a favorite for a smooth ride and comfortable seating as well as having its own unique classy and stylish look. This carriage has a beautiful matching black and maroon harness set for the horses, and is currently the only carriage we have which can be used with a single horse, or for an additional fee of $150 you can have a team of 2 horses pulling you in style!

This classic carriage is white with red seats, fenders and dashboard. It looks beautiful in weddings and parades! It is the lowest to the ground, and easiest to step into, and is very elegant, cute and comfortable.  Our little red carriage was even made famous as the Nashville Predators Subban Sleigh.

Perfect for fall festivals, hayrides, or your child's birthday party, this wagon is a great choice for rides around the farm, neighborhood, or backyard. The seats for the wagon are authentic bales of straw, and we can cover these with blankets to protect clothing if desired.  Our wagon can also be pulled by either a single horse, or for an additional fee of $150 by a two horse-power team of horses!

This adorable 2-passenger classic wooden cart is available for escorting the VIP in parades and homecomings. It can also be used to lead the bride and groom away, or to lead the couple to their grand entrance for prom! We are now also offering private on-site rides and driving lessons with the Meadowbrook. For events, it can be decorated with your choice of colors if desired.

Transport your loved one to their final resting place in our custom-built funeral caisson. Fashioned after the caisson used at Arlington National Cemetery, our caisson is available for military, police, first responder, or civilian funeral services in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. We can also provide the traditional caparisoned, or "rider-less" horse for an additional cost of $150. 

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