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Patriotte is a 17 year old Shire mare. She carries the classic coloring, feathery feet, and thick mane and tail the breed is known for. Shires originated in Britain, where they are loved for their easygoing temperament and their ability to pull tremendous loads. Today, there are only about 200 registered Shires in the United States, although many more are not officially registered or are crossed with other breeds.

Patriotte was featured as "Rudolph" in December 2016 with then Nashville Predator P.K. Subban as his partner in the Subban Sleigh. She has also participated in the Hendersonville Veteran’s Day Parade and the Nashville Christmas parade and many other events. She is a favorite of children for her loving personality and her beautiful long forelock. She works single and as a team, and has been the caparisoned, or ‘rider-less horse’ at military funerals.

Probably the most well-known caparisoned horse was one called Black Jack who served for many funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, including the funeral of JFK. Black Jack was buried with full military honors.

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