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Kaliga pronounced Kah-lye-jah, is the foundation of American Melody Carriages. His name comes from the character in a country song made popular by both Hank Williams Sr., and Charley Pride. A Belgian-Standardbred cross with a go-go-go attitude, he has many years of experience, and is now our resident retiree. At 30 years of age, he remains healthy, active, and spunky, often running and bucking like a youngster. A common question when people find out his age is "How long do horses usually live?" In general, it is common for horses to live a life-span of 30 to 35 years. He is used on rare occasions for light-duty work such as lead-around rides, or acting as the caparisoned horse in funerals so that he doesn't get too bored, and still has a sense of purpose, however, his biggest job now is enjoying a buffet of food, and enjoying treats and petting from visitors if he's in the mood for attention. He enjoys a thorough brushing, and especially loves to be scratched on his belly, chest and neck.

He has been the go-to horse for weddings and events, and was in both the Nashville and Donelson Christmas parades. He also escorted the "Virgin Mary" in a Christmas production at Cornerstone Nashville Church in Madison.

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